Monday, February 15, 2010

Ask and thou shall receive ... answers

While finishing another marvelous meal, Eolar basks in the glow of his own ego. How easy this trip for Estaban has been. Everything seems easy to him now.'Losing' the sailors and Hamster-men had merely been an oversight. Eolar then turns his thoughts to the return journey. Bodush¹s Teleport spell is typically unreliable for an arcane spell. He could use his god-given powers to Plane-shift everyone but that'll be time consuming and the plane of Law would possibly prove hazardous to the unenlightened amongst the group. Taking time out of his meditation, Eolar attempts to commune with his God...

"St Cuthbert, hear my prayer. Is there a way home not dependent on spells?"
A voice vibrant with power but heard only by Eolar answers:

"Oh Great One, is the Sky-ship still repairable?"
With the sound of a muffled snigger:

"Is there a ship?"

"Is it on this island?"

"Is it on Ape island?"

"Is it on the Giant¹s island?"

Eolar raises an eyebrow in surprise. They hadn't seen any harbours or ships when circling the island.

"Is it large enough to carry us all?"

"Do the Giants have it?"

Having a hunch creeping up on him, Eolar continues with an almost bored voice.

"Will they give it up peacefully?"

Eolar couldn't hide the simper. At least the lizard finally get's what he wanted. So there will be a battle.

"Are there more than a dozen Giants?"

Still not completely willing to fight a whole tribe of giants, Eolar wants to be sure.

"Are they Evil?"

With a bit more enthusiasm...

"Are they Chaotic?"

Suddenly with a more cautious voice

"Do they deserve to die?"

Eolar quickly kneels and looks up "I am sorry my Lord for not having sensed your wishes! I will return to the island at once to rectify this mistake! I'm deeply indebted to you for the guidance and help you have granted me! Please forgive a loyal and always faithful servant, my Lord!"