Monday, February 1, 2010

Bard Dream or Nightmare?

Estaban sits alone in his incense filled chamber. The doors are locked and his servants have instructions that he’s not to be disturbed.
Eyes creased shut; he murmurs arcane words in a tone, dark and unearthly.
“Heed my words little spy. How is it that you’ve allowed the adventurers to land on Cyclops Island? If there’s a problem I expect you to find a way to let me know!”
Breathing deeply while still in his trance, Estaban continues.
“Have you been observing the adventurers carefully? I want full descriptions of each of them. Their strengths and weaknesses. Their favoured spells and tactics, as well as any vulnerabilities and defensive shortcomings. Tell me everything I need to know!”
Hundreds of miles away over open water, a sleeper mutters under his breath.
“I shall do all that you wish of me.”
Estaban opens his eyes, but his mouth and jaw are still set tight. He’d assumed Mendez’ tales about his friends were simple exaggeration but after watching them defeat the Roc, he suddenly feels less sure.
Calling for one of his servants, Estaban sends him on to the city.
“Find me some local ruffians. Idiots who are willing to fight for a few gold coins.”

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Insanodag said...

Speaking of non-trustworthy party members. Let the finger of blame point to...