Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost at Sea

With not much time between sessions I shouldn’t need to remind you of what’s happened but…

The Sky-ship was destroyed completely but everyone except two of the horses and one the children made it to the beach.
Thesis and Eolar encountered an oddly proportioned giant with a head approximately one-third the size of its entire body.
They killed it, but not before Thesis heard it cry for its Mummy.
That was two hours ago.
It is about 3pm.
The beach is inhospitable with sharp rocks and only shallow caves. Despite this the sailors and the Hamster-men collapsed as soon as they realised they were safe(ish).
Above the beach is a steep but small cliff-face and then Scrubland.

Roly’s two massive treasure chests were lost to the sea and the fat Cleric looks disconsolate.
Durin’s backpack and all its contents are also lost and anything not carried by the Party members is gone. (Be honest.)
The corpse of the colossal Roc has also been dragged beneath the waves by the Kraken and although unseen, you all have the feeling that it’s just a few fathoms under the surface… Waiting.
Debris from the battle is washing its way towards shore though. Mostly wooden wreckage, but some rope and possibly a few other useful items…

Hawkmoon has retained the map and compass, but how are you going to get off the Island?

Eolar: How many spells does he have left? Is he injured?
Thesis: Although easily defeating the giant baby, the sixty-foot dive onto water hurt him. How badly?
Bodush: Has used up all his 3rd, 5th and 6th level spells. What has he got left? Is he injured?
Durin: Was battered in the Roc’s single attack. He’s raged twice. How’s he feeling?
Hawkmoon: The Elf of arrow reliance has to be running low on arrows!
Mara'ch: Even rubbish spells run out. What’s he got left?
Ragnar: Who held his stuff when he turned all furry?
Roly: Strangely has more on him now than when first encountered.
7 x Children: With nothing left but their ragged clothes.
2 x Hamster-men: With nothing left but their leather harnesses.
4 x Sailors: Their quick thinking saved your lives, but they now seem dazed.
2 x riding horses: In an environment too jaggedy to canter on.
Meldo: has managed to reach some overhanging grass and is munching happily.

Everyone modify their character sheets to show the loss of equipment and keep track of spells/special abilities used and Hit points lost.

Assif’s probably got everyone’s HP’s down though, so please bring your Laptop.


Insanodag said...

Bodush cast Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion the moment he got to shore. With all the living rabble accounted for, and safely ushered in, he can go to sleep.

RoboGeek said...

Most of us are pretty unscathed. Thesis took 14hp from the fall but is otherwise unharmed. Hawkmoon and Bodush have barely a scratch (4 and 2hp respectively) and all the others are uninjured.

Apart from Durin, that is.

The crazy Roc fighting dwarf is down 141hp leaving him only 23hp after his rage wore off.

Let me know if this doesn't tally with your records guys, although I see no reason why not.

Thesis is willing to lend Hawkmoon some arrows if he needs them.

As far as Thesis' possessions are concerned, the only thing he would have left on the horse/ship was his bedroll and some of his rations. Everything else he carries with him, and seeing he didn't actually get wet, he should still have it all ;)

Hedzor said...

Luckily for the Party, the (very) big things were going for the ex-sky-ship and not you guys...

Except for Durin who thought it wise to attack the Roc directly.