Friday, February 12, 2010

It’ll all End in Tears in the Fabric of Time and Space

Hawkmoon kicks at yet another diamond. How is it possible to be bored by such riches?
Still, all he wants is to go home. This mission has taken far too long.
Despite having training in the Eldritch arts, he feels nervous of Bodush’s ‘Teleport’ spell. He’s heard of terrible disasters befalling those who became over confident while using it.
Still he feels even more nervous of Eolar’s plan. The thought of travelling through the Plane of ‘Law’ makes him shudder.


Joebroesel said...

Eolar even would have chosen Arcadia (LG) and not Mechanus (LN) since he though they would imprison half the party for life right after entering it ;-) But the beautiful gardens of Elysium (NG) sound tempting as well and are always worth a visit

Hedzor said...

That's what I thought.
even in Arcadia anyone Neutral or worse would be asked to leave immediately.

Joebroesel said...

I don't think so:

"A peaceful place where all live in harmony"

That doesn't sound too bad :) They would ask you politely. The English way ;-)

Insanodag said...

You mean with vicious tutting and murdering glares of disapproval? Let's hope there are no queues.

RoboGeek said...

Tears - Tears. Genius :)