Tuesday, March 2, 2010


After an odd few sessions, we’re going into the next one mid-battle with the Giants.
This is unfortunate as a few of you should go up a level before the final confrontation with Estaban.
You’ll need to!
Assuming the Party is victorious against the giants and that Thesis and Bodush survive, they should both go up a level.
Thesis up to 17th and Bodush up to 16th!
Hawkmoon may also squeak up to 14th.
As such, can you work out your new character sheets and have them ready?
Dag can roll his new d4 in front of Sven.
Assif and Scott will have to allocate average Hps until the day of the next session.
Hawkmoon can have 4 + con bonus and Thesis gets 7 + con bonus (Assuming he takes another level of Barbarian).
Considering the way we play, the Party might not get to Estaban’s mansion…
But you might!


RoboGeek said...

Barbarian it is then.
Say hello to Trap Sense +1!

... and 4 attacks a round ;)

I had better survive the giant-troll encounter then :P

Hedzor said...

All Hail the Lizard King!

Still waiting for Bodush and Hawkmoon.

What devilish new powers will they gain?

Hedzor said...

Scott has also sent me Hawkmoon's updated character sheet.
Hawkmoon's a pretty well thought out character!

Unfortunately Dag can't make next week.
This should free up Moritz though.
Does it?