Friday, March 19, 2010

What the Sea Saw

The old crone lets her gnarled hand dip into the seawater.
‘I sense a disturbance in the depth. Someone has angered the Kraken. Someone travelling by ship. Someone very powerful. Come my beautiful daughters, let us prepare them a suitable welcome.’


Insanodag said...

Will we ever get home?

Hedzor said...

I liked Assif's comment: 'An Odyssey of Lunacy'.
Strangely appropriate.

I promise that the next session in the University will be the last one.
(I need the big table.)

... Well at least the start of the final encounter.
I think I should be able to kill you all in one session...

RoboGeek said...

Lunacy indeed.

Why should we go through the hassle of staging a game at my place when it is only a filler?

Let's just delay till the next week and play a full proper game at the uni.

Hedzor said...

Can't delay as several of the others are away.

The entire game's 'only a filler'.