Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Bigger they are, the more experience for all

At last the Party managed to fight worthy creatures and gain vital xp.
The Giant snakes gave shed loads and the Fomorian giants gave massive amounts.
Working out what Bodush deserved was difficult but worthwhile in the end as he still (just) managed to level up, as did Thesis and Hawkmoon!

The current scores (In experience order):

Mendez: Level 17: 147,696xp
Eolar: Level 17: 146,253xp
Thesis: Level 16: 138,350xp (Up to 17th level!)
Bodush: Level 15: 120,099xp (Up to 16th level!)
Durin: Level 14: 103,468xp
Hawkmoon: Level 13: 91,651xp (Up to 14th level!)
Mara’ch: Level 13: 88,745xp
Ragnar: Level 13: 85,062xp

Dag, Scott and Assif roll your new HPs in front of the first available witness and let me know.
Regardless of the dice roll, Thesis is the first of us to break the 200HP barrier!


Joebroesel said...

And there people ask me why Eolar would kill women and children?? I can only say: 7000XP missing!! :)

200HP? Not bad! I have to add Ragnar and Eolar together to just break that! But what are 200HP worth if you are just a DC21 will save away from death? :P Let's talk about the shield again......

RoboGeek said...

How do you know there is XP missing if we would have been awarded XP for defeating them anyway?

Yeah, we already know clerics and sorcerers are overpowered at these higher levels. Doesn't have to make you into a sycophantic bully though.

Anyway, it would all rest on the initiative roll - I win you take approx 100hp damage. You win, you get a spell and hope I don't save.

The question is, are you willing to take the risk?

I think the rest of the party will agree with me when I say that you can have the shield only if awarded it as part of your share regardless of the symbol scratched out on it.

TieDye said...

Durin's going to have to back up Thesis on this one. You pay the fair amount, you get it. No one's owed anything, including Durin and that statue of his god.

I'm just thinking out loud here, but Eolar could probably convince Thesis not to counter-bid on the shield if he stopped acting with such a bloody huge sense of entitlement.

Also, after looking at the sword that Hawkmoon "discovered" on Four-Arms' body, Durin notices that it looks an awful lot like Hawkmoon's old sword. He then walks over to Hawkmoon and says "Don't try to pull anything on us - if you want Four-arms' sword, you'll have to bid for it. Now take back your old sword and put the better one in the communal pile."

Joebroesel said...

Ok first the reply from Sven:
I know there are 7000 missing because I'm 7000 away from level 18. Simple math :)

And now the in-game reply from Eolar (who, btw, is NOT Sven ;-) )

Looking at the lizard and the dwarf, Eolar replies almost enraged "Do you want to imply I wouldn't have compensated you for taking the shield? Be careful who you accuse of such things! You are talking to a cleric of St.Cuthbert after all. This shield is property of the church as the imprint clearly shows. Only a member of the church may hold it!"

Hedzor said...

Calm down. Don't kill each other over baubles.

... That's my job!

Joebroesel said...

Eolar turns and looks at ..... the world? "Baubles???"


Insanodag said...

Level 16!!! That means a level 8 spell!!!

What to pick, what to pick.

Keep your cruddy shields...I am one step closer to godhood!

RoboGeek said...

Thesis stops for a moment and thinks. This always happens with Eolar his evangelism and fervor for his god makes him unstable and a little mad. He is sure that is why his church insists on sending him out rather than stay and tend to a parish.

For Thesis it has always been a help. That same madness makes him a formidable ally, and Thesis would rather have Eolar by his side when the sword falls than just about anyone else.

So he steps back, offers his hand and says simply "It was a misunderstanding Eolar old friend. Of course, your integrity was never in question. Lets us now concentrate on getting these rocks back to Mendez's uncle".

TieDye said...

Man, Durin's only 1500 XP away from a level-up...!