Monday, March 8, 2010

Can't live without him?

Four Arms glares at the tiny interlopers.
They’d attacked early and despite their precautions had somehow caught them by surprise.
A few of his warriors had left to tend the flocks already, but most everyone else was here.
These had to be the creatures who’d attacked and killed the boy Gronk and the Beast-master.
They don’t look scary, yet two of his dogs have been destroyed and one of his brothers lies dead at his feet.
Killed by magic!
Spinning around to look for the culprit, he sees the vile Sorcerer hovering in the air.
Their eyes lock.
Despite his massive size, Four Arms is surprised to see something strange in the Sorcerers gaze…
It’s impossible to tell what exactly but the Sorcerer is definitely planning on leaving.
But why would he abandon his underlings so soon?
What does it mean to their plans?


RoboGeek said...

Scab! Splitter!

Hedzor said...

The mighty Sorcerer having split,
has left the Party in the...

TieDye said...

Even without Bodush's help in the latter part of the fight, we managed to succeed...barely. Anyway, there's a couple of old dwarven sayings that are fitting to our victory:

"All trees are felled at ground level."

"When his waist is higher than your head, his testicles are level with your teeth."

Joebroesel said...

Ok, Durin, you get my Comment-of-the-week vote! :D

The second one is awesome!