Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Genuine Imitation Lizard Skin

As Thesis powers down through the dark waters, he feels his mind start to drift.
It’s taken him over a year to grow accustomed to his new body.
His altered senses were strange to him at first, but he’s grown to like his enlarged size, armoured skin, razor-sharp teeth and enormous lungs.
He’s even gotten used to the four-foot tail!
Something is still wrong though…
He should be more than he is.
More than just a Warrior.
More than just a meat shield for the ungrateful Spellcasters.
A greater glory is calling to him…
But what?


RoboGeek said...

Thesis loves being the engine in this latest branch of the railroad ;)

His next feat will be Leadership, followed by retirement from adventuring in the Seawell penninsula, Lord over the Lizardfolk and King of a burgeoning Scaley Empire.

Insanodag said...

Ungrateful? Bodush always lets the meatshie...erm...valiant front-line heroes have the first pick of the magical items.