Thursday, April 2, 2009

My God’s bigger than your God

Still dragging both horses, Elogyn finally gets to the top step to find the massive Ortos and the Lady Lesyeux waiting for her.
After her reassurance that everything is alright, Ortos takes the horses to the stables while the Lady Lesyeux leads Elogyn to the main keep for some food and rest.
“I’ve been thinking about your leader’s suggestion. Whilst I appreciate the notion of a shared church, I don’t believe it would work. Although our Gods have co-operated in the past, their goals are not the same. Either we establish two seperate churches, if you’re succesful in the elimination of the Erythnulites or…” The faceless noble woman hesitates for a moment. “You could reconsider your allegiance to St Cuthbert. Is he really the God for a half Elf like Eolar and especially for as good a woman as you?”*
Before Elogyn can respond though, the reptillian visage of Thesis appears through the door.
“Imbessssilic Dwarf!” is all he mutters before collapsing onto a sturdy leather chair.

*Diplomacy roll: 24.


Joebroesel said...

Elogyn lookes at Lady Lesyseux with a diplomatic smile. "Many times have I thought about the teachings of St.Cuthbert and how I can fit into the bigger picture. You are right, my feelings often collide with what the scripture tells us and I would love to see more compassion towards doing good in my fellow Cuthbertians. Eolar and many others in my order follow these scripts closely and I often feel that charity is left out when important decisions are made."
Elogyn can see the Lady nodding.
"But without order there can be no charity. Only by protecting the faithful and driving away the forces that threaten them can we form a lawful and well ordered environment in which good acts can be performed. If this environment is under constant threat, these acts of charity are of short duration and are soon forgotten. Within a lawful society, this charity can blossom and thrive!"
Her face suddenly shows a hint of sadness
"When I heard of the offer Eolar made, I was hopeful that together with you, we can build this new order. A shared church where St.Cuthberts wisdom and Pelors charity come together."

Hedzor said...

The Lady Lesyeux hides her disappointment and answers the earnest Paladin.
“So then it is agreed. We’ll protect the refugees until you destroy the priests of Erythnul. When it is done we will allow your master to allocate the churches. I do ask though, if you are to give us the Monastery, that you do not damage it more than is necessary.”