Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Team Eolar's Future Home

I drew a scamp of the Temple with my daughter this morning and wanted to share...

The Monastery is set into the cliff face at the very 'back' of the valley. (The opposite end to the stone stairs.)
It is made of polished marble and granite.

It is in the middle of a river that starts from two waterfalls either side. (On a sunny day rainbows abound.)

It is surrounded by grass covered islands and each of them have several well maintained copses of Cherry blossom trees on them. (Partial cover available.)

The water is cool and crystal clear but deep and deceptively fast flowing. Especially around the falls themselves. (See Plunge pools.)
It can be swam in but with varying difficulties.

Each island slopes into the water and is joined to another by pretty wooden bridges. It is by these islands and bridges that you can get to the Monastery from either bank.

It would be totally serene if it wasn't for the crocodiles lining the shore.


Charlie Stilton said...

Chen feels like he is at home...

Or, at least he would if he wasn't still stuck in a dingy, dilapidated fort atop an exposed mountain peak!

Hedzor said...

I thought Chen would like it.

(I'm a little ashamed that I drew this from imagination and memory of what Oriental temples look like rather than doing any research though.)