Friday, April 17, 2009

Down/Not Out

Lord Catadsis looks up from his prone position in outraged fury. How have these idiots, women and sub-human freaks managed to get past his War-priests?
Despite being in his fifties, his reflexes are still sharp and he quickly takes in his predicament…
The Acolytes and the easily manipulated Black army fools have been defeated, but they’re no loss.
The giant creatures of wind were powerful but annoyingly too far away for him to affect.
His concerns now though are on the immediate threats. The foolhardy and fortunately clumsy horse bound woman, looms over him, but much more interesting is the Monk.
Could this welcome distraction turn out to be a real challenge after all?


Joebroesel said...

clumsy?? You've just been lucky! :) Let me poke you once more.....

Charlie Stilton said...

If you mean will Chen be a challenge?

If history is anything to go by - probaby not!