Thursday, April 2, 2009

All White on the Night?

Eolar, Durin and Bodush stand in silence as they watch the barn burn down.
The remaining two White soldiers tie up the wounded prisoners and stand guard. Eventually one of the women makes a decision. “Come. We have to take them to see General Oolf. He’ll know what to do.”
The women’s name is Verdana. She’s only in her early thirties, but looks much older.
The three adventurers look at one another. “What have we got to lose?” mumbles Durin.
Walking through the darkness, they arrive two hours later at the outskirts of the desolate town. A secret knock on the door of an especially fortified building brings a swift response. “What are you doing here Verdana?” And when the owner of the voice spots the adventurers, “Are you mad? Why have you brought the strangers here?” Verdana explains what has happened to the grizzled, one eyed guard. Begrudgingly he lets them in and escorts them to see General Oolf. Leader of the White Army.

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