Thursday, April 2, 2009

God for an Evening

The University Roleplaying group seems pretty well established now. It’s been going for well over a year and we’ve seen several players come and a few sadly go.
There’s even a group B club formed! (How are they doing by the way?)
One thing needs to be established though…
DMing duty.
I’ve taken over the majority of the game running, mostly because I find it fun to throw monsters, walls and the occasional body of water at the players.
I do like to run around blindly as a player sometimes as well though.
This means for every game I’ve DM’ed, another member of the group has had to step up for the next one.
This hasn’t been a problem up until now, but everyone should be prepared to give it a go.
Sven has made an interesting suggestion, which follows on from a conversation I had with Assif a while ago…
I’ll let him explain it to anyone who’s prepared to DM.


Charlie Stilton said...

I'd be prepared to give it a go - it just seems like so much work to start form scratch as I have no idea how to do it logistically.

Maybe I'll borrow a copy of the DM guide one week and read it instead of just looking up the cool magic stuff!

Hedzor said...

Start with a story.
Most everything I've done has been inspired/stolen from somewhere else.
As for the rules... Bluff.
All the players should share rule knowledge with the DM.