Friday, April 17, 2009

The Mother of all Charges

Finally the evil monk was in front of her and Hasufel. Tightening the grip on her lance, Elogyn put the spurs to her horse and started to charge towards the fleeing monk. She called the strength of St.Cuthbert upon her and could feel his powers running through her veins. Unimpressed by the electrical charge hitting her when she passed the door frame she could see Chen running in next to her and tripping the evil leader. "This doesn't change a thing" she thought to herself and lowered the aim of her lance. Only a few feet now! A bright ray of light suddenly flashed past her, burning the monk who was lying helplessly on the ground. She ignored the flash since the glorious moment where she, Elogyn, Paladin of St.Cuthbert would slain the evil priest was near! Suddenly felt the lance slip out of her hand. She tried to quickly adjust the grip, had to look down, almost lost the lance and just at the moment when she regained control the lance dug itself into the ground next to Cartitsis head.
Surprised by the sudden impact and her gauntlet hitting her chest hard, taking her breath, she came to a sudden halt. Only the exotic saddle enabled her to stay on the horse but the force of the impact and the massive pain in her chest almost made her lose her conscience. Embarrassed, she looked down at a monk that was laughing in pain!

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Charlie Stilton said...

Chen doesn't laugh.
He smiles inwardly...