Thursday, April 9, 2009

Revenge is a Dishy Girl Best Served Hot

Utilising all of the donkey’s purloined from Baba himself, plus all the camels and horses available from the family stables, Mendez, Tao and Cassim transport the treasure from the cave of wonders back to the city.
Once home, Mendez distributes the treasure to all his brothers equally. He is forced to avoid his Father’s eyes however.
“I’m sorry Father, but your sons deserve some financial independence.”
Mendez then goes to his sister and gives her his share. “I love you Zia.” He says with a kiss.
Then, quietly he slips off back to his rooms.
Approaching the swarthy skinned, naked woman lying on his bed, Mendez smiles Predatorily . “What was it you offered in exchange for sparing your life?”


RoboGeek said...

Oh I do love Mendez.
An old fashioned hero for modern times. James-bond, Indiana Jones and Errol Flynn all in one!

PS - this is the best post title yet. You should be an ad copy-writer.

Hedzor said...

My favourite one was: 'When is a Bandit not a Bandit?'.
I laughed at the cleverness of me.