Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pleading to Death

Seawell is in a state of chaos after the mysterious disappearance of the Baron.
Several factions are vying for control: The Thieves Guild, the Merchants guild as well as the remains of the current government. The established churches of St Curthbert and Hexor are also trying to restore order as well as carving out more control for themselves.
Far below though, in the lowest level of the city prison, the party face a difficult decision.
The Undead Boscorm; the ex Mayor of Seawell has surprisingly surrendered.
Using the power of St Cuthbert, Eolar has destroyed all of the elite Zombie guards.
The unveiled Chain Devil is still fighting fiercely though. Worryingly, it seems uninjured and unafraid.
Suddenly Boscorm speaks, “You have my ear. Do we have a deal?” His voice is rasping, like sandpaper against rubble. His swollen, purple tongue writhing within his mouth makes everyone feel slightly nauseous.
“Whatever you think, I wasn’t behind this. Why would I want to be like this? This existence is a curse. I feel empty and so very cold. My thoughts are cloudy and all jumbled. All I want is to live again. I will reward you with 25,000gp if you get me resurrected. While still alive, I hid several treasure chests in Seawell. I’ll tell you where one of them is.”
Boscorm licks his paper-thin lips with his fleshy purple tongue.
“I don’t know why have I returned, but my City is in trouble and it needs my leadership.”
At Eolar’s continued silence Boscorm continues to plead.
“ I won’t lie to you. I was an evil man, but I’ve changed. This city needs me. Go to Cabal En of St Cuthbert or Fainer Sou of the Church of Hexor. Either one of them will help you.”
Boscorm’s attention is diverted towards the Devil on the raised platform as it continues to lash out remotely with the chains attached to the four pillars.
“I don’t control the creature. I fear I’m just a devil’s plaything. The Samaritans are still safe. I’ll tell you where they are if you’ll just help me!”
Boscorm's eyes are pleading and despite everything; he appears sincere.


RoboGeek said...

Oh - so it was a chain devil that hit me just before I left. I thought a zombie was hitting me with a chain ...
Hasn't Elogyn got a good anti-evil spell in her locker?

Cynan said...

Telfis is all for bringing the guy back in power. He seems utterly reasonable. Once he gets rid of the purple tongue that is. The public might not stand for it...

Charlie Stilton said...

I don'think the public will go for it, but if all we have to do is resurrect him and him him over for 25K, I'm all up for it.

Oh, and Chen sees it as a potential way to help a city in need :-p

Hedzor said...

Boscorm was a very popular and effective Mayor.
There was major dissent when he was tried for past crimes before his time as mayor.
Parsons, the current Mayor is viewed with deep suspicion and many feel he's in the pocket of the mysterious 'Thieve's guild'.

Charlie Stilton said...

I'll admit I didn't know that, but if I was a citizen of Seawell I think I'd be a bit unnerved by having a ex-dead mayor?

Or is resurrection less of a big deal in the D&D universe?!