Friday, February 8, 2008

Heroes for a Day

A few days after the battle at the gnome hamlet, the group sits around the fire at dinner. The dwarves are still quite excited and try to outdo each other with stories of their exploits.
Telfis joins the group, grinning broadly.
"Listen to me for a second, you are going to like this. I have just met with a gnome bard and he presented his newest song to me."
The group reluctantly turns around. Telfis' attempts at music have not all been well received. He clears his throat dramatically. And then he starts his tale. Immediately the group is drawn into his story. The melody of the song and the way Telfis uses his voice seem to cast a spell on all listeners.

The Long Dark Night to Freedom

Defenders waiting, arms at ready
their number counts just seven whole
relentless, unbowed, sturdy, steady
as wave and wave of orcses roll

As darkness falls the struggle nears
its sure to take its bloody toll
they set their chins and quell their fears
as wave and wave of orcses roll

Children wailing, women huddling
down the hamlet's deepest hole
debates at end, no time for muddling
as wave and wave of orcses roll

Dust cloud heralds, here they come
fear and death their only goal
we need to vanquish orcish scum
as wave and wave of orcses roll

They reach the vanguard, arrows fly
Wer storms back from her patrol
booming rings their battle cry
as wave and wave of orcses roll

It has begun, the sides engage
dwarf Durin enters in the brawl
bloodshot eyes, uncontained rage
as waves and waves of ocses fall

Lashing, scorching, singing blade
brave Thesis towers above all
in blood their debt now will be paid
and wave and wave of orcses fall

Cutting foes as others butter
the utmost fearsome I recall
Kraddo will not stop nor stutter
and wave and wave of orcses fall

Unseen, unheard, all shifting shadow
young Telfis keeps an eye on all
raining death across the meadow
and wave and wave of orcses fall

Silent, calm his green hood flapping
Eolar answers the wounded's call
while dealing death by arrows snapping
and wave and wave of orcses fall

A mask of anger, Bodush stands
like death incarnate on the wall
fiery death sparks from his hands
and wave and wave of orcses fall

The battle rages without pause
then numbers dwindle, attacks stall
they start to falter, doubt their cause
and wave and wave of orcses fall

Then silence, panic starts to spread
the struggle finds a sudden end
the enemy leader falling, dead
triumph is near, rejoice my friend!

The tyrants run, like rats they flee
tails 'tween legs, the die is cast
all dance and shout and sing with glee
Oh Brethren, freedom, free at last


Joebroesel said...

As the last tunes fade away, silence takes over. Telfis, full of pride stands in the middle of the crowd, slowly turning to look into astonished faces. The first to move is Eolar who slowly stands up. "Friends! It seems we have a bard in our party! There seems to be no doubt that our tales live on from now on!" One after another the attendees rise, joyfully clapping their hands! Telfis gleams of pride! Finally the tribute he sought for so long

RoboGeek said...


2nd level bards are so much better than 1st!

Insanodag said...

All we need now, is for Telfis to run into another couple of bards, teach them the song and then all our PR problems are solved! The possibility of real, non-gnomish, assignment with actual monetary reward and the opportunity for recreational activities that do not require duct tape...

'Death Incarnate'?
Bodush likes....

Hedzor said...

Wish I'd been there.

TieDye said...

This is sung to the tune of "My heart will go on", right?

Seriously, fine work. Medieval style in iambic pentameter is very fitting always sounds cool.

Hedzor said...

I thought it was to Elmer Bernstein's 1960's Magnificent 7 Main title score:
'Dum, dum, de-dum, dum-dum-dum, diddy dum'.

RoboGeek said...

I thought it was good, but that is just genius!

Try it - put on the magnificent 7 theme, and just sign along - it fits and scans perfectly.

I stand in awe.