Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Elf Presevation

On the morning of the fourth day since the battle, the recovered Elves LaHood and Blankenship seek Eolar out.
“Half Brother, may we speak to you?”
Both the Elves are very concerned. “We’ve heard that the seven of you are planning to directly attack the Orc War caravan!”
When Eolar confirms that this is indeed a possibility, the Elves look mortified.
“Calvera is a vicious brute, but he’s no fool. Even if his clan is depleted, he'll still have scores of warriors. At his peak he commanded well over a hundred. He’ll still have at least half that."
Eolar nods and Lahood continues, "Seven against fifty? Although I admire your notion of fair odds, I feel it's suicidal."
Blankenship leans forward, "If you insist on going, the least we can do is to stay here and help defend our Gnomish benefactors."
Both Elves embrace Eolar.
“May Corellon Larethian protect us all.”


RoboGeek said...


PS - while the Elves are engaging in their sexually ambivalent hugging behaviour, Thesis drawing inspiration from Kord goes through his pre-battle rituals. Having sharpened his sword and knocked the dents out of his helm, he feels there is Good work to be done in the hamlet. What they need is a bit of size and strength in their next generation which will help defend them a bit better. Thinking that, he disappears into young Charlotte's (the one with the amazing love-pillows, and the come-hither eyes) gnome house ... and appears, flushed and smiling, 3.5 minutes later.

Now he is ready for anything :)

TieDye said...

=) Good works always start by helping the social castes that need it most, even if they can only be "helped" for under 5 minutes at a time.

Hedzor said...

'3.5 minutes'?
Thesis is a sexual Tyrannosaurus!
'Duct tape'.