Monday, December 1, 2008

The War Begins

"Master, the scout is back! He says that he found the bodies of the missing group in front of the bridge. They are all dead!!"
The minion cringed as the master jumped up. "Who was it? The guards? The green witch?"
"We do not know, master! But the scout reports that he saw arrow and sword wounds as well as evidence for magic"
"Arrows and swords? Neither the guards nor the witch use them. Goark's group could have easily managed villagers! There must be some other fighters involved! Take one of the clerics and try to ask the dead. But be careful, take Orgol with you to get you there unseen. If the witch got reinforcements, we might have to change our plans! "

Later that same day.....

The black wooden door opened and three humanoids entered the room, two humans and a goblin. The tall shape at the other end of the large hall turned around. After getting closer, the three newcomers could see the wolf-like features of the large humanoid form in front of them.
"My lord, we have the information you've asked for!"
The lord looked at the two humans and shouted at them "Didn't I tell you not to use this form in front of me? Be proud of what you are!!"
Both human shapes immediately changed into their hybrid forms showing the same wolf-like features like their master.
"Good! Now cleric, continue!"
"I've asked the body of Goark who attacked them. It said it was a group of adventurers consisting of fighters, druids and sorcerers."
"Hmm, any information if the guards or the witch were involved?"
"Yes, mylord! The guards and the witch defended the bridge and kept them from coming in, but most of your servants were killed by the adventurers in front of the bridge!"
"So the old witch managed to get help from outside? Interesting! We have to assume that the group entered the valley afterwards. Orgol, send out your scouts! Try to find them, but don't attack without my order. And tell your hunters that they can hunt in the valley from now on to get stronger. I don't think we have to keep it secret any more!"

After the cleric and the goblin left, the lord turned to the last remaining minion. "What is the state of the white witch? Any new information?"
"No, mylord! She hasn't been seen since your ingenious move although the tower is surrounded by thorns ever since. Some scouts tried to get through but were badly injured and turned round."
"Did you ask the people in the villages?"
"Yes, mylord! Nobody has seen her or heard from her. They are all worried. Some of them have seeked protection and help from the green witch, but their petitions remain unanswered!"
"Good, it seems we can move soon! Without the white witch the green witch can't withstand our growing forces. Soon we have enough power to take her tower. Then the valley will be ours!"


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