Monday, December 1, 2008


Ok, sorry for the delay! I decided to post XP as two characters go up a level. Unfortunately the barghests didn't give much XP as their challenge rating is rather low and the mercenaries (who gave more XP) were too easy to defeat. I'll adjust the monsters for tomorrow accordingly to make it more interesting and rewarding.
Here are the new XP levels:

Mendez: Level 11, 55191 xp (UP!)
Telfis: Level 10, 48069 xp
Wer: Level 10, 46426 xp (UP!)
Durin: Level 9, 41,723 xp
Thesis: Level 9, 40890 xp
Bodush: Level 9, 40,431 xp
Chen Yong: Level 7, 25,812 xp
Ned: Level 5, 13,604 xp

Mendez and Wer made it to the next level. Extra points were awarded for playing in character or using special abilities of the class/race in the right moments.


Hedzor said...

Come to me my little falcon.
Come show these fools what 1d3-2 damage can do!
Thanks Sven.

Charlie Stilton said...

I hope you mean 1D3+2, or otherwise you'll end up giving hit points back to our enemies as often than hurting them!

Hedzor said...

1d3-2 (minimum damage:1)
I think he'll act as a lookout mostly.

Charlie Stilton said...

So, even if you roll a 2 or 3, you still only do 1 damage?

Better than nothing! Bet his BAB is better than Chen's though :-p

Hedzor said...

BAB: 0.
Worse... According to PCGen, his damage is only 1d2-2!
Frankly, hawks are less than useless.

Joebroesel said...

But they look great and you can have birds to roast every day :D
Let's see how good they are against giant eagles.... ;-)

Cynan said...

I might be dense but what exactly is the difference between 1d3-2 and 1d2-2 if the minimum damage is 1?
Or, more precisely: what's the point of rolling dice?

I guess only enlightened 11th level chars can understand that =)