Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Mourning After (read the last kiss first!)

Alerted by an immense wave of power followed by a deep, loud bang, the group rushes into the room. The sarcophagus stands open and Mendez, who's gaze naturally went towards the girl first, is almost stunned by the beauty of the women slowly trying to sit up. "It worked!! Telfis, you made..". Just now he realises that something isn't right. The slumped down body of the young bard sits motionless next to the stony structure.
Chen reaches Telfis' body as first and puts his hand on the bard's shoulder "Telfis are you ok?!?"
The body slowly falls to the side. Chen's expression freezes instantly. The body feels cold. Way too cold! He just tries to shake the body again when Durin pushes him away!
"Telfis, what's the matter? Wake up! What happened??"
Thesis also caught up and doesn't need his cleric knowledge to know their friend left to another plane. Sadness and anger mix in his eyes while his head slowly sinks on his chest.

Mendez, as if turned to stone, stares at the group kneeling around the dead body. Why didn't he stop him? Why Telfis? A female voice abruptly ends his paralysis.
"Who are you?"


Hedzor said...

"My name is Mendez. We're here to take you home."

Joebroesel said...

"Home?" She looks around the room. The confusion can be clearly seen in her eyes "Where am I? What am I doing here?" Mendez realises that one of her hands moved since she got up, as if casting a spell.

Hedzor said...

You were being held captive by evil Dwarves. Your body kept in constant sleep by evil magic, while entombed in this crystalline sarcophagus.
All but two of your captors are dead. The survivors scurried off to hide in their dark tunnels.
The young man dead at you side is our friend Telfis. He died so you may live.

(…Also, Mendez takes a 5’ step back.)

Joebroesel said...

"Dwarfes...I remember now!. I was eating in their house. The last thing I can remember is eating an apple..."
She looks at the sarcophagus and then at Telfis. She climbs down from the stony base she was sitting on and slowly moves towards Telfis' body. The others make way, staring at her in astonishment except for Durin who looks more suspiciously.
"I remember him from a dream. He was ... in the forest....". She kneels down next to him with a hand over his body. "My powers are not strong enough to bring him back if it's possible at all" She stares at his face in silence for while as if in deep thought. "Telfis....his name will be remembered in the songs and tales of this valley. I will make sure of that!"

In a sudden movement she gets up and looks at the remaining party members, then turns to Mendez. "You said you are here to take me home? Who sent you?"

Hedzor said...

Your Mother sent us, but we're not guards. Now you're free, you can leave whenever you please.

Joebroesel said...

"My mother sent you? Good! I have information she might be interested in." She looks again at the others and this time her gaze comes to rest on Wer. Her expression changes slightly while she concentrates on the small druid and after a few seconds Wer bows "If we can be of any help, please don't hesitate to ask!".
"I can see why my mother chose you! Evil things are happening in this valley and we might need your help. Let's go outside and talk!" She turns and walks towards the exit. She starts smiling when she passes Mendez "And of course I can leave as I please! Do you really think you would be able to hold me?"
Mendez turns round as she passes by but swallows his witty reply in the last moment and instead gives her a confused look.

She just left the room when Chen and Durin jump up at the same time and look into one of the tunnels. They look at each other and Durin says "Sounds like a pickaxe. It's coming from this tunnel!"

Hedzor said...

What an ungrateful bitch!

Charlie Stilton said...

Well, at least she DID want to be rescued, and we've managed to do the right thing!

That makes quite a change for us...