Monday, December 1, 2008


Ok, here is what you got from the barghest battle and the mercenary camp (I don't list bedrolls, blankets and stuff. If you need one, you've found one):

Barghest battle:
125 pp
1 potion
Dwarfen waraxe (m)
Leather bag (m)
Green cloak (m)
3x leather armour

Mercenary camp:
1x Half-plate armour (m)
2x Breast plate armour
1x Chain shirt
2x MwK Chain shirt
1x Leather armour (m)
2x Shield, heavy steel
2x Sword, bastard (m)
1x Crossbow, light
1x Dagger
2x MwK Quarterstaff
2x MwK Longsword
2x Longsword
2x Longbow (Composite/+2)
50 Bolts
138 Arrows
735 gp
5 gems:
- 1 orange spinel (525.4gp)
- 1 demantoid (118.3gp)
- 3 chrystolite (50.9)

That is what you've found after the battles. After using a detect magic spell the items with a (m) start to glow.

And somebody has to sort out how you split the stuff! Eolar is not there ;-)


Insanodag said...

Bodush takes a look at the stuff from the Barghest battle while his friends are off killing mercenaries. He opens the leather bag and peers into it, he tries on the green cloak, and looks at the waraxe with dismay before he decides to waste a pearl on it...

RoboGeek said...

I might be interested in the cloak if it is a protection one.
Unfortunately the breastplate and chain shirt are both not magical.
Magical half-plate is pants

Hedzor said...

Poor Bodush saves us again.
Remember that it costs him every time he does an 'Identify' spell.
This MUST be paid back!

Also, I think Thesis would look cute in magical half-plate pants.

Joebroesel said...

The leather bag seems to have more space inside than the outside would suggest. Turning round he realises that his friends are not yet gone. But Thesis just seemed to not have noticed him for a second while looking in his direction. Must be the cloak he is wearing.

He turns to the waraxe. While crumbling the pearl into some wine he always has with him for that purpose he casts identify and drinks the mixture. After a few seconds he knows the waraxe has only minor enchantments.
(Dwarfen waraxe, +1, 20ft light radius around axe)

The other items can't be identified by Bodush as he wasn't there and won't catch up today. And if you ever say this half-plate is pants again, I will never ever include such awesome items in an adventure ;-)

Cynan said...

Telfis looks longingly at the bag of holding and the cloak of stealth.
I want it all! =)

RoboGeek said...

No - half-plate is possibly the worst armour in the book. I don't care what you say - if that is your idea of awesome then, well ...

Me with a chain-shirt
Light-armour, penalty-2, spell fail=20%, speed 40ft
AC 10 + 3(Dex) + 4 = AC 17

Me with half-plate
Heavy armour, penalty-7, spell fail=40%, speed 30ft
AC 10 + 0(Dex) + 7 = AC 17

Which would you choose?
Even with a +3 magical bonus it would be barely worth it.

Charlie Stilton said...

Since Chen got the slippers last time, and still owes Bodush money, he'll sit this round of blags out!

Moritz Buck said...

hmmm one bag of holding + one bag of holding = instant black hole.... derrow Problem solved?

Hedzor said...

No magical jewellery or arrows?

TieDye said...

If you found half-plate armour that was +3, it would totally be worth it - I mean, you did get unnecessarily hit quite a few times last night, and an AC of 20 would help out with that. Even non-magical full-plate armour would be worth it, since its max Dex score is 1 and AC bonus is 8, according to PCGen. That would bring your total AC up to 19, if I'm not mistaken. While it might make you less versatile, it's still useful to carry on your person for the instances where you're meant to be a tank.

All I'm really trying to say is that an non-raging AC of 17 (raging AC of 15) for a front-line fighter doesn't bode well, given our current character levels and our encounters' difficulty levels.