Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hi Hooligans!

New banner to celebrate our victory over the seven dwarves.
(Due to the shocking revelation about Telfis though, I'll be drawing a new one as soon as I can.)


Hedzor said...

I liked Assif's alternate names:
Cock, Harpy, Dope-head and Sleezy.
To finish it off, what about:
Creepy, Rumpy-pumpy and Hashishful?

RoboGeek said...

I got stuck at Bashful ;)

I like yours though

New banner up. RIP Telfis. This reminds me of the whole Bobby Ewing thing though ... maybe it will all turn out to be a dream?

Charlie Stilton said...

What exactly are the chances that Wer will give the Horn of Blasting back to the group, now that she's got her hands on it in the banner?! :-p

Cynan said...

very solemn,
much appreaciated, kirk =)

btw. there will very likely be drinking of real beers in real pubs on tuesday 16th.