Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cry Havoc and Let Loose the Dogs of War

It didn’t seem like much; Rescue the ‘White Lady’ before the wolf army arrived.
What Mendez hadn’t bargained on was the swiftness of the wolves and the impregnability of the ‘White tower’.
The daughter of the ‘Green Lady’ summoned huge creatures of earth, wind and fire to block the innumerable wolves, but hundreds still made it to the outer wall.
Torn between running and trying to save the human soldiers, Mendez looked to Durin. The choice was clear; Mendez and Durin had to hold the gate while the unarmed Chen and Ned attempted to rescue the powerful ‘White lady’.
His life in the hands of the Monk and the Druid, Mendez fought with bow and sword until exhausted. Durin lasted longer but they were soon overwhelmed. Death was imminent and while still defiant, Mendez was weak with fatigue and facing too many opponents.
Submerged under a pack of wolves, Mendez anticipated the fatal bite…
And then there was light. Blinding but liberating. The wolves that weren’t killed instantly, fell back or fled outright.
Mendez and Durin were saved.

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