Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let’s Kill the Battered Women and take their Stuff!

The remaining giantess sends one of the children to fetch the ‘boat’.
Hawkmoon , suspecting treachery trails after the boy and watches him like his namesake.
Making his way to the dead leader’s cave, the boy pulls aside a heavy rock and exposes a secondary, smaller cave.
Inside are piles of gold and silver coins, gems and various items that can only be magical.
The giant boy retrieves a small box and moves to come out of the cave.
Despite their obvious size difference, Hawkmoon blocks his path and indicates the rest of the treasure. Simple gestures make it clear that Hawkmoon expects the boy to bring it all.
Scowling, the giant boy does as bidden.
Pulling out sacks, the boy drags the treasure out of the cave and down to where the Party are waiting.

It’s a big haul.
18 gems.
A golden statuette of Moradin (God of the Dwarves).
An ornamental silver shield of St Cuthbert.
A golden crown set with rubies.
A Tapestry showing a victorious battle of Hextor.
A leather quiver containing 20 arrows.
An Arcane scroll: Identify/Sleep/Web.
An Arcane scroll: Dismissal/Arcane Eye.
An impressive looking Tower shield.
A Throwing axe.
Some sturdy leather gauntlets with iron rivets.
A chain shirt.
A wooden box that has some Elven words caved on it’s lid: 'Size of a: Box/Boat/Ship'.
And finally a silver flask. (When Durin put it to his ear, he could swear he could hear the sound of the wind and a voice pleading for release.)
Also, Hawkmoon hands over the Masterwork, 'flaming' sword he found tied onto the Fomorian chief’s spear.

Not wanting to hang around for the returning giant warriors, the Party make haste back to Bodush’s ‘Magnificent mansion’ where they can divide up their 'earnings' in safety.


Joebroesel said...

Ok, Eolar of course demands the shield! And the tapestry (to burn it and dance around the fire). I look at the things, can I asses their prices? I cast detect magic on the pile and go through it. Which things glow in a nice blue?

RoboGeek said...

Thesis would like the gauntlets ... and a share in any of the Djin's wishes ;)

Oh, and the Chain Shirt if it better than my current one! LOL!!

Anyway, I guess we will all bid at some point when Bodush/Hawkmoon do a little bit of identifying.

PS - Easy on the "demanding" elf!

Joebroesel said...

Eolar stands up to look directly at Thesis "Do you have any problem with me demanding something that belongs rightfully to the church?"

RoboGeek said...

Thesis stares right back at the petulant self-obsessed cleric.

Yes, I do. The shield doesn't belong to the church. It is part of our spoils of battle. You have no more right to it than any of the rest of us.

If you wish it as part of your share, you can pay for it same as the rest of us have to.

Hedzor said...

Handbags at dawn!

RoboGeek said...

Eolar won't argue until he has had 8 hours rest ;)

Joebroesel said...

Yes, Eolar thinks he has to meditate to find an appropriate answer :)

Hedzor said...

Although Eolar has no appraisal skills and can't value to gems, crown and religious artifacts, he is able to cast detect magic on the pile of stuff...

The golden statuette of Moradin:
Not magic.
The ornamental silver shield of St Cuthbert:
Not magic.
The golden crown set with rubies.
Not magic.
The tapestry showing a victorious battle of Hextor:
Not magic.
The leather quiver:
Not magic.
The 20 arrows:
The Arcane scroll: Identify/Sleep/Web:
Magic! (Obviously.)
An Arcane scroll: Dismissal/Arcane Eye:
Magic! (Obviously.)
The first Potion:
Magic! (Obviously.)
The second Potion:
Magic! (Obviously.)
The impressive looking Tower shield:
The Throwing axe.
Thee sturdy leather gauntlets with iron rivets:
The chain shirt:
The wooden box:
Magic! (Obviously.)
The silver flask:
Magic! (Obviously.)
The 'flaming sword of fire' also radiate magic.

Insanodag said...

oh, and identify!

Hedzor said...

Bodush shuffles off to his private quarters in the ‘Magnificent mansion’ and casts ‘Identify’ on the twelve separate items.

The 20 arrows: +4
Sale value: 6,470gp.

The Arcane scroll: Identify/Sleep/Web.
Sale value: 150gp.

An Arcane scroll: Dismissal/Arcane Eye.
Sale value: 913gp.

The first Potion: Enlarge person.
Sale value: 125gp.

The second Potion: Neutralise poison.
Sale value: 375p.

The impressive looking Tower shield: +3.
Sale value: 4,590gp.

The Throwing axe: +2 of returning
Sale value: 9,154gp.

The sturdy leather gauntlets: Ogre power.
Sale value: 2,000gp.

The chain shirt: +2.
Sale value: 2,125gp.

The wooden box: Folding boat.
Sale value: 3,600gp.

The Iron flask: (Contains something).
Sale value: 85,000gp!

The 'flaming sword of fire' is not really magical at all. It just has ‘Continual flame’ cast on it.
Sale value: 208gp.

Bodush is pretty trashed on the red wine when he’s finished and decides to sleep until morning before telling everyone else.

TieDye said...

Durin wants the Throwing Axe of Returning +2 - he's pretty sure his diamonds can cover the cost of this as well as the Belt of Strength +4 which Eolar's made for him...

Charlie Stilton said...

Hawkmoon would take the arrows once he has the cash...

Charlie Stilton said...

Oh, and the identify scroll... He REALLY wants to find out what sword he swiped from underneath all your noses! :-p

RoboGeek said...

Well, thesis would like both the chain shirt and gloves, but they are both useless to him :( So he doesn't bid for them.

Instead, he figures that the magic arrows would be nice ... and the neutralise poison potion.

RoboGeek said...

Actually, if the gauntlets and chain shirt can be combined, then maybe it is possible for Thesis to make use of them after all ...

Joebroesel said...

Apart from the shield, Eolar is of course interested in the boat and the Efreeti bottle.
The boat will be used by all of us and he will make the bid when we don't use it anymore.
The Efreeti bottle more because he doesn't think it would be in responsible hands otherwise (and the risks are not worth the money). So he actually would bid against somebody but would prefer to sell it to a trustworthy merchant.

Joebroesel said...

Oh, and for the suits Eolar quite well. And unless he can see the gold/gems in total in the dwarf's hands, he won't even start thinking about selling it.
Not being able to pay for an order doesn't rate highly in Eolar's books.....

Hedzor said...

It's not an 'Efreeti bottle'.
It's an 'Iron flask', a device used for trapping outsiders and elementals.

RoboGeek said...

Trapped elemental!
Much more exciting.

Also, Thesis will pay for the belt if Durin can't afford it ;)
Bidding war??

Joebroesel said...

Iron flask? Great! Eolar casts comprehend languages and looks for the command word.

Still could mean we end up with a good aligned celestial creature or a pit fiend :) But with command word, at least we get an hour to get away if necessary :D

All of course under the assumption that Eolar knows about iron flasks and their usage......

TieDye said...

What does Eolar call all the diamonds we're carrying? It's not as though they're worthless and simply take up weight - why else has everyone stuffed their pockets full of them? Think of this as Durin carrying part of the great Eolar's treasure for him.

Meta-gaming aside: honestly, Sven, it doesn't make any sense to have Eolar needlessly act like this right now. I mean, the man himself has stuffed his bags chock-full of diamonds, so he clearly sees them as having value and would welcome even more of them.

Joebroesel said...

Eolar calls the diamonds "Estebans Diamonds" right now and plans to hand them over. We
a) don't know how much they are actually worth
b) don't know how many we manage to keep

Eolar would also
a) not accept them as payment since they can't be used to buy stuff directly unprocessed
b) can't carry more than he actually does
c) wants to see gold or platinum or even better worked gems

Josh, you know how things happen in our games. Just because you are carrying them doesn't mean you can use them to pay Eolar right now. If they get converted to anything useful, then Eolar will consider your offer for the belt again.

So far, you ordered, weren't able to pay Eolar when the job was done, and currently don't have that amount of money.

TieDye said...

Then During would like to suggest that he, Ragnar, Thesis, or someone who regularly participates in front-line combat (not missile or magical combat) use the Strength +4 belt in the upcoming fight against Esteban (or whoever we have to fight, knowing Kirk and how his games run) in order that it be put to good damage-dealing use. Certainly Eolar can understand that by making our party better equipped to take on whatever challenges we face instead of refusing to do so on principle, the entire party (Eolar included) will profit (we'll kill our enemies faster and take less damage, thereby resulting in smaller chances of any characters dying and having to pay outside parties to be resurrected).

Joebroesel said...


The bull strength you had the whole last battle gave you exactly the same bonus (and would not have stacked with the belt anyway) and you wouldn't have to pay outside parties since Eolar can resurrect you. You just decided to pay outside parties last time. Just pay Eolar next time :)
Eolar needs the belt to be able to carry all the diamonds right now!

TieDye said...

Durin makes a strained face, grits his teeth, holds his clenched fists up the sky and shouts "Serenity now!"

...please tell me you guys watch Seinfeld over here? ;)

Hedzor said...

The debate between Durin and Eolar is hilarious!
Favourite line:
'Eolar needs the belt to be able to carry all the diamonds right now!'

Hedzor said...

Hawkmoon graciously returns the glowing longsword he found tethered to the leader of the giant's long spear.
The still hung over Bodush takes it and sacrifices another pearl while identifying it...

Long sword +4 of glowing.
Value: 16,158gp

Hedzor said...

Assuming you'll divide up the magical treasure before you worry about costs...

Hawkmoon takes: The Longsword of glowing +4 and both the Arcane scrolls.

Thesis takes the 20 arrows +4 and the potion of Neutralise poison.

Eolar is looking after the boat of folding and the iron flask,

Durin takes the hand axe of throwing +2, the chainshirt +2 and the gauntlets of Ogre power.

This leaves just two items still unwanted.

The impressive Tower shield +3 and the potion of Enlarge person.

Anyone disagree or want the remaining items?