Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bodush and Son

And so to the mighty sorcerer a child was born. Bodush; master of orcs, slayer of dragons, scourge of demons. In guises invisible, inscrutable and inebriated he strikes fear into the heart of enemies and friends alike. Yet never before has he faced a more stern challenge. Can he cast a spell that will allow him to have a full nights sleep? We shall see!

The boy to be named Karsten will surely be a great sorcerer too - he has already cast a spell on his unsuspecting parents!


Hedzor said...

Dag told me 'Michael'.
Actually when I met him in 'Boots the Chemist', he initially referred to the baby five times as 'It', then when pushed as 'He' and then finally 'Michael'.
He's nearly two weeks old now.

aR!s said...

OP: HAHAHAHA classic! i dig the new top logo, too :)

RoboGeek said...

The boy shall be named Michael Karsten Bell Syrdal, and for all heroic purposes be known by his norse warrior name Karsten