Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alternative Alignments

After the last email, I thought about what are Party would be if we used a combination of traditional and personality based alignments…

Mendez: Flamboyant Good
Thesis: Chaotic Selfish
Eolar: Lawful Rigid
Durin: Erratic Good
Hawkmoon: Cynical Neutral
Bodush: ‘I swear I’m Neutral’ Evil
Mara’ch: True Newt-ral
Ragnar: Awful Hairy.



RoboGeek said...

Love it. Perfectly fitting.

I know these are very much prompted by the recent adventures, but it is sad that no one can be characterised as "heroic".

Some that I might change then:
Bodush: Heroic Evil
Durin: Blundering Good
Thesis: Chaotic Impatient
Mara'ch: Feeble Neutral

Hedzor said...

I agree, it is a bit sad we're not remotely heroic.
Love your suggestions for Durin and Thesis but disagree strongly with your take on Bodush.
(He'd have tried to justify Eolar's position on killing the Siren children.)

RoboGeek said...

You are right, I was trying to shoe-horn heroic in there somewhere - but it ain't Bodush.

TieDye said...

=) I was going to go with "Violent good" for Durin, seeing as how his "peaceful" solution for dealing with the Formorians and Sirens involved threatening them. I mean, when all you've got is a hammer...

I think Assif's take on Mara'ch's alignment seems more precise. I mean, we haven't seen him do anything evil at all - the worst he could be accused of is acting a bit cowardly, but considering his size and HP, it's understandable.