Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hag’s Swag

Mara’ch and Hawkmoon swim to the treasure room and open up the door with the keys found on the old Hag’s dead body.
The room is wide but the ceiling is low. Both adventures are slightly built and the blue kobold has magically shrunken himself.
Still this room gives them a claustrophobic feeling.
The treasure litters the floor in piles but just as Mara’ch reaches for some an eel like creature shots out from its hiding place!
Mara’ch feels a shock of electricity shoot through him but before he can even register it, the eel is gone.
Realising that this might be a problem, Hawkmoon and Mara’ch wait for the others to deal with the annoying eels...

Treasure from the treasure room:

29 gems
A pearl encrusted comb
A crystal hourglass
A golden cup.

Treasure from the dead Sirens

19 Javelins
8 gems
8 golden tiaras.

Treasure from the dead Hag

A Crystal bowl
A jet-black amulet
3 gems

And a Spell book:

1st) Shield / Feather Fall / Obscuring Mist / Magic Missile / Sleep

2nd) Protection from Arrows / Mirror Image / Blindness / Gust of Wind / Continual Flame

3rd) Lightning Bolt / Water Breathing / Clairvoyance

4th) Ice Wall / Invisibility (Greater)


RoboGeek said...

We need Bodush - when he reappears from his invisible hiding state - to identify the Cup and Hourglass.
Unless Hawkmoon can do it, of course.

Joebroesel said...

Eolar casts detect magic on the stuff to know what is actually magic

Hedzor said...

Casting his eyes over the treasure, Eolar uses his divine power to ascertain if any of this treasure is magical.

The nineteen Javelins are.
(Eolar can guess these as Javelins of Lightning as he's felt their shock.)

The Crystal bowl radiates a deep magic.

And the Hag's jet-black Amulet is also magical in nature.

Hedzor said...

As I'm away next week and I want you to divide up the magic...

Bodush takes the black amulet and crystal bowl below deck and drinks deeply of red wine.
(Deduct two pearls.)

The Bowl is of Water Elemental command.
Value: 50,000gp

The Amulet is of 'Mighty fists +3
Value: 27,000gp

RoboGeek said...

In terms of Magic split, Thesis would like to take some of the Javelins. Other than that, a share of the loot is all he needs.

Hedzor said...

I would have thought that the clawed and fanged Thesis would have appreciated the 'Amulet'...