Friday, April 9, 2010

Salve Nauta Interruptus

Standing on the rocky island, Durin looks around at the bedraggled band.
Something’s wrong.
Someone’s missing.
Slapping his hand to his forehead, he signals Ragnar and dives back into the water filled passageway.
Ragnar looks confused for a moment but then realisation dawns and he also dives into the natural well.
They both take the third tunnel and after about half a minute surface in the air filled cavern.
It’s filled with a soft light and softer furnishings: Fur rugs and silk cushions.
It also contains the bodies of three of the slain Sirens plus (the very much alive) fat Cleric Roly and the four (now dressed) Sailors.
Roly seems happy to see them but the Sailors are looking a bit miffed.
‘They were so beautiful. Why did you have to kill them?’
Despite this they’re all glad when Ragnar and Durin carry them back up to the surface.


TieDye said...

Durin shifts uncomfortably on his feet and can't quite meet the sailors' eyes as he tries to explain. "Look, I'd heard some pretty awful stories involving sailors meeting their ends with sirens. I mean, really terrible."

Durin pauses for a bit, but sees that this doesn't make the sailors any happier to see him. "Ok, fine," he admits, "the stories actually said the sirens were 'aggressive cougar-like creatures' who 'squat over their prey until their voracious appetites were sated' and yeah, okay, I kind of misinterpreted that to mean they were violent monsters instead of nymphos..." Durin's voice trails off and he looks at the ground while scratching the back of his head. Then he remembers something that makes him stand up straighter and continue: "But hey, let's face it, they tried enchanting all of us while they took you guys into a pool, huh? I mean, no introductions, no drinks, no dancing, just splash! Into the pool! And not a shallow pool with floaty chairs and girls in bikinis! No, they just dived into some small whirl-pool thing and we didn't see them come up! And let's not forget about the two big trolls and the black-robed figure, eh? I mean, they didn't really make the atmosphere any better, you know what I mean?" Durin looks at all the sailors with the friendliest face he can manage, clearly expecting them to be convinced by his skilled oratory. "You know?"

The sailors aren't convinced. They sadly shake their heads and grumble as they walk past Durin to the ship. As a final attempt to console them, the dwarf turns to the sailors' backs and says hopefully, "Okay, how about I buy the first round of whores for you guys when we get to town? Huh? What do you say?"

Hedzor said...

Never trust a women without a beard eh?