Monday, November 3, 2008

The same old song

Looking at the sun setting behind the western mountain ridge he could hear the familiar melody. "On time as every evening, the old bugger!" Since the white lady had appointed him valley guard, the music could be heard every evening. Uvye could still remember he guard before him who had had a flute which he only played every now and then. Gyrial over there preferred to play every day. The white lady seemed to have a fable for bards!
A few years after he had moved into the mountain lookout on the opposite side, Uvye had been close to killing him for disturbing his quiet evenings! But now, a few hundred years later, he was so used to it that he couldn't imagine seeing the sun setting without music. He looked over to the other fortified lookout. He could just make out the shape of his younger counterpart in front of a flickering fire in the distance.
He leaned back and enjoyed the last few rays of sunlight on his grey skin. The music in his ears, he started to fall asleep. His next shift would start in the morning when the music stopped.


Hedzor said...

Bards for Guards?!

Joebroesel said...

What else can you do when you are on guard duty for a few hundred years?? Either start wood carving or take an instrument ;-)