Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let's just call it a draw!

Character-character fights are always brilliant - even virtual ones like these. A chance to test your battle-hardened adventurer against your bragging friend's.

They always have surprising outcomes It seems that the only thing that can really seperate the dueling PC's is the extent of their imagination. It may seem that, with his zombie crocs, flight and invisibility, Bodush has it sewn up, but that would be to do Eolar a huge disservice.

So - let's just call it a draw ...


Hedzor said...

You're forgetting about the rest of 'Team Eolar'.
Eolar's got the edge in brawn, but Bodush is by far the more sneaky.

Joebroesel said...

I don't need Team Eolar! That's a one-on-one.
Eolar casts hide from undead. The crocodiles look at each other rather confused as their target vanished in front of them. Eolar walks towards the position where Bodush was last seen before going invisible, casts invisibility purge and then a directed dispel magic at the now visible Bodush.

While Bodush is slowly floating towards the ground, they both smile at each other. "That was fun, we have to do that again!" As they walk off towards the happy brawler for a beer, Eolar looks back at the crocodiles. "Can you get rid of them? They start to smell...."