Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chainless wonder

A wretched figure hangs limply from four course ropes binding her twisted wrists and ankles.
It is dark, but a dull red glow illuminates her nakedness.
“Wake up Kryton cow.”
The bound female involuntarily flinches at the sound of the voice.
“It’s time for your punishment.”
Suddenly a buzzing sound grows louder as a horde of insect like creatures envelope the now screaming captive.
They quickly strip flesh from bone, exposing muscle and the ligaments beneath.
After what seems like hours, the swarm is sated and they fall away leaving the ruined, but still living Kryton, a mutilated mess.
She mouths something inaudible as her devilish skin desperately tries to restore itself.
“What did you say?” hisses the voice from above.
The bound devil tries again.
“How long have I been enduring this? Surely my punishment shouldn’t take this many years?”
The voice in the darkness chuckles.
“Why my delightful little plaything, you’ve only been here for four days!”
The Chainless devil’s restored body wracks with her bitter tears before she passes out again.

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Charlie Stilton said...

It's about time she had what was coming to her!