Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Untold treasures

The sight before the brave adventurers was awesome, humbling and in no small way terrifying. With bits of decaying flesh still clinging to their clothes and the horrifying terror of demons, necromancers and ancient rotten raised corpses still clinging to their minds, the group took their courage in their hands and had made it back to the depths of the tomb underneath the tomb.
Gold and ornament fit for a god on earth had been buried with the mummy and the small band of heroes took their time making an inventory and imagining the castles and countries they could buy with this wealth.

As they counted and dreamed, they realised that things weren't right. A low rumbling had become a shaking and then a tremor struck. Greed vying with self-preservation in their minds, they grabbed what they could and ran for the jammed-open door. As they moved it seemed that the room was collapsing around and behind them. Running up the long stairs they helped each other out of the sarcophagus. It was then they realised that the tremors, getting stronger, were shaking the whole ancient building to its core. They ran out, and only once they were 100 yards away did they turn to see the temple crumble to the ground. It didn't stop there though - it was as though something was sucking it into the very depths of the earth.

Later, as they were explaining events to Elogyn and senior clerics of St. Cuthbert, they tried to describe the pool of lava once burning with elemental flame that was now just a smoking hole, and realised that the truth of what they saw would go with them to their grave.

Loading up the mule and taking stock, the group, now friends, realised that if they wanted fame and treasure, that they would need to keep searching these strange lands for adventure - for it certainly was there to be found.


Hedzor said...

We all made our Reflex saving rolls then?

Cynan said...

why does this ALWAYS happen? what is it with those treasure burying people? can't they spend a little money on the structural integrity of these places??

Insanodag said...
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Insanodag said...

Well, it seems that Bodush' dreams of a small cottage with a white picket fence have been crushed once again...

Joebroesel said...

Having Mendez and Telfis in the group, I can't believe that they ran without full pockets (and both 2 sacks of gold over their shoulders!) :-D

So what did we get from the adventure in total? I have a list of things we loaded onto the mule, but the last thing was the 1000gp we found in the hidden cupboard. Did we get nothing from the mummys chamber?? (Can you really image Telfis and mendez running for their lives without dragging half the room with them?)

Hedzor said...

With the destruction of your temple, is gold all you can think about?
What about the silver, gems and jewellery!