Monday, December 3, 2007

Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!

Mendez huddles in the cold dankness of the cave.
“My friends, I’m afraid. This place has the feel of dark magic.
We’ve been lucky so far. Very lucky, but I dread what foul demons we’ll encounter next.
Where is Bodush when we need him? He understands this sort of thing.
For Eolar’s sake, I’ll stay, but promise me friends that we will keep each other safe.”


Hedzor said...

Mummies and Zombies and Skeletons.
Oh my!

RoboGeek said...

He, he!

No clues that was going to happen then ;)

Hedzor said...

What was most frightening?
Eolar's inability to turn anything!

Joebroesel said...

I think the turning worked more the other way....... in 3 encounters we (!!) turned twice and ran away :-D
Have to work a bit on the direction ;-)