Friday, October 22, 2010

A Final goodbye

Booking passage on a ship back to Seawell, Mendez says a final goodbye to Thesis.
‘Are you sure you won’t come with me? I could use your strength if I’m to defeat the dragon.’
Thesis is fully recovered thanks to Mendez’ healing magic, the ministrations of the devoted Lizard-woman and his own remarkable constitution.
‘I’m ssorry Mendezz, but you know what I’m desstined to do. Will you not reconsider and come with me?’
Mendez smiles. ‘You’re about to head off to an island ruled by evil humans and lead an army of oppressed Lizard-man slaves against them. Even if you truly become their King, I doubt there’ll be a place for someone like me. Still good-luck and I sincerely hope you’re successful.’
The normally quiet Lizard-woman steps forward and kisses Mendez’ hand.
‘I thank you for my people and my King. May Semuanya watch over you and blesss you with many children.’
Mendez smiles for the first time in days.
‘And may ‘Semiwuniwawaw’ do the same for you.’
With a wink to Thesis over the head of the blushing Lizard-woman, Mendez boards the ship.

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RoboGeek said...

So, at least Thesis - once proud human - now King of the Lizard men - finished his life heroically and with many children!