Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eolar, Eolar...

Estaban sings to Eolar...
(To the tune of: ROBIN HOOD)

Eolar (Pompous) Eolar, with your band of friends.
Eolar (Poor) Eolar, here is where it ends.
Nowhere to run, your adventuring days are done.
Eolar, (Poor) Eolar.
I'll miss you Eolar.


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Joebroesel said...

"I really can't just hit him with a lighting bolt from up here?" The archon gave Eolar a disappointed look "I told you a thousand times that you can't hit him with lightning, fire or other elements and that also divine fire is out of question!! Come on, do you really think somebody will raise you? Why not just climb Mount Celesta and find peace?" Eolar started another tirade down through the clouds towards the mortal plane and the archon shook his head. Why him??