Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mendez, Draw back your Bow

Estaban gestures to the silk covered couch.
‘Sit down my son and I’ll try to explain. I’ve made a few ‘mistakes’ recently and now find myself owing some very dangerous ‘people’ a great deal of money. I’ve sold most everything I have but it’s not enough. I need those diamonds.’
Mendez looks at his Father, as if for the first time.
‘I would have helped you gladly. I have more money then I know what to do with.’
Pride glowing from his face, Estaban responds sadly.
‘It wouldn’t be enough. I need those diamonds!’
Mendez shakes his head.
‘My friends will kill you. Despite your skills, you’re not powerful enough to stop them and I can’t help you. They’re my friends. I owe Bodush and Eolar my very life!’
Estaban starts to scowl.
‘I’m sure you’ve repaid that debt a hundred times. You will stand by your family. You will do as I tell you!’
Mendez springs back to his feet.
Estaban takes a step back and smiles. His voice rich and deep, he soothes his son…

‘Mendez, you’ll take out your bow,
and you’ll let your arrows flow,
straight to your companion’s hearts for me.
Mendez, hear now my cry,
you'll let your arrows fly,
at anyone who attacks your family.’

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