Friday, December 18, 2009

We’ve got to get out of this Ape place

Experience from the ape encounter… Not much else.

Here are the current scores (In experience order):
Only Durin managed to squeak up a level.

Eolar: Level 16: 133,966xp
Mendez: Level 16: 133,961xp (Gah!)
Thes-hiss: Level 16: 127,190xp
Bodush: Level 15: 109,539xp
Durin: Level 13: 91,308xp (Up to 14th level!)
Hawkmoon: Level 13: 79,491xp
Mara’ch: Level 12: 76,585xp
Ragnar: Level 12: 75,584xp

Eolar’s still in the lead.
But only just.


Thes-hiss said...

We took the Last Cloud to Clarksville :D

Joebroesel said...

5 points?!? Lauging my head off here :) Awesome!

ScottW said...

What did Hawkmoon say when the hamster tried to float to the city with him?

"Hey (Hey) You (You) Get Off of my Cloud"

Ah, the Rolling Stones :-)

Mendez said...

I went for an 'Animals' song but the 'Monkeys' was cleverer.

Thes-hiss said...

Love the header banter :)