Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Eolar took his bow and aimed at the target in the distance. The arrow flew and hit the target spot on. Eolar had a pleased smile on his face. He had spent every free minute in the last 7 days enhancing it and it seemed to have paid off. The bow was more balanced and aiming was easier. It was the first weapon he had worked on after strengthening his chain shirt and crafting the amulet at the monastery. The stone for Chen had been easy but the amulet had taken him 16 days to finish. He looked at the piece of jewellery hanging from his neck. It had a strong transmutation spell woven into the material which improved his abilities noticeably.
He was pleased. His crafting skills had improved but he was still far away of being a master of the trade. But he was learning quickly. He enjoyed creating powerful items. If only he had more time to spend on his new obsession. But there was always some time where he could find some peace and quiet to get his tools out. He was already looking for some more materials for his next creation. He looked at the dust on the ground and remembered the dust Telfis once had. It could store water. That was something to try while he was searching for materials. Shouldn't be too difficult!

[Eolar created a periapt of wisdom +4, increased the enhancement of his chain shirt from +1 to +2, imbued his bow with a +1 enhancement plus bane(human) and created some dust of dryness. XP deducted in last XP post from Scott. In total 27000gp and 27days were spent]


RoboGeek said...

Nice one :)

next, Thesis's Elven Chain, pretty please!

PS - Elven Chain is not magical, just nicely crafted from mithral links.

Joebroesel said...

Eolar thinks about Thesis's elven chain. He could offer him to enhance the armour to be more resistant to blows (+2 enhancement bonus) for 4200gp. He would like to work on such a nice piece. He looks around in the tavern. Thesis seems to be gone. He has to ask him as soon as he's back.

RoboGeek said...

Thesis has indeed disappeared. When Eolar checks his room later, he finds a note:

"Sorry to leave without saying goodbye but sometimes it is just better to go. We are not far from the place where my grandfather died during the Seige of Braimar in the goblin wars so many years ago. It would be nice to pay him my respects ... and see if I can finally find his famed amulet!"

"I know you were all talking about going to Yellow River in search of riches, maybe we can meet around there in a few days"

So, that was it - he just upped and left. So much for magic armour!

TieDye said...

Since Thesis doesn't want his magic item right away, what sort of strength-bonus magical items can Eolar craft for Durin?

Joebroesel said...

Eolar looks at Durin. He always thought the dwarf is too chaotic. He disappears regularly to suddenly look at interesting stones or tries to get ships blown up.
But on the other hand, the monastery can't support itself yet and Durin has money. At least the money would be spent on something sensible!
"I got some leather on the market this morning that I wanted to use. Perhaps I can make you some gauntlets which might improve your strength. If you are willing to pay 4500 gold for it I can see what I can do. Would take some days, though!"

Hedzor said...

Greater Bracers of Archery please.
I'll pay double!

Enjoy the mines.