Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hi Hooligans!

New banner to celebrate our victory over the seven dwarves.
(Due to the shocking revelation about Telfis though, I'll be drawing a new one as soon as I can.)


Mendez said...

I liked Assif's alternate names:
Cock, Harpy, Dope-head and Sleezy.
To finish it off, what about:
Creepy, Rumpy-pumpy and Hashishful?

robogeek said...

I got stuck at Bashful ;)

I like yours though

New banner up. RIP Telfis. This reminds me of the whole Bobby Ewing thing though ... maybe it will all turn out to be a dream?

ScottW said...

What exactly are the chances that Wer will give the Horn of Blasting back to the group, now that she's got her hands on it in the banner?! :-p

Cynan said...

very solemn,
much appreaciated, kirk =)

btw. there will very likely be drinking of real beers in real pubs on tuesday 16th.