Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An unexpected gathering

Mendez walks through the woods and is deep in thoughts when suddenly the stone giant appears in front of him. He can hear his deep voice "Mendez, let me be the first to ..". Before he can finish Mendez already reaches maximum speed in the opposite direction and thinks he can easily outrun the slow giant. Just when he turns his head back into the running direction, he bumps into the knee of the second giant and falls hard. The giant looks down on him, grabs Mendez by the shirt and sits him onto a tree stump. "I've written a song for ....". Mendez already made it a couple of feet before he realises that he is surrounded by barghests, sorceres, druids and other creatures he can't even identify. He slowly moves backwards back to the stump that is in the middle of the circle formed by the dwellers of the valley. He can hear the giant tuning his harp and starting to sing with a loud but melodic voice "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mendez, Happy birthday to you!" The last note is still in the air when the first giant already extends his hand towards Mendez. Shaking it cautiously, Mendez can see a long queue forming behind the giant. This could take hours! He smiles when the thought of the unguarded bridge comes to his mind which his friends can cross easily right now. The smile fades as fast as it came when he spots his friends queuing with the other creatures!! This is going to take hours.....


Hedzor said...

Thanks Sven.
You've brought a smile to an old man's face.

Charlie Stilton said...

So, it's Kirk's birthday for real?
I thought the adventure had taken a surreal turn!

Happy Birthday Kirk :-)

Hedzor said...

Thanks mate.